Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Birthday Cakes

 I had two Cakes on my BIrthday last December 9, 2010. First, from Starbucks, I bought a slice of Cake and a Praline Mocha Frap for myself..  celebrating alone.. I'm just joking.. hahaha! :P

My first slice of Cake

 Celebrating my Birthday @Starbucks

The second Cake is courtesy of my LCMS Team. We went to Balay ni Juan to celebrate with the teams' December Birthday Celebrants namely Leslie, Sir Jem, Jo, Tonichi, and me. It was also a Send-off Party for Alreen who will be joining a new company on the 16th of December. We had a great time at Balay ni Juan, lots of food and drink, singing and dancing.. it's like a mini -concert! I really had fun! Celebrating my birthday with you guys is great! Another memorable moment to cherish because it's not usual for me to celebrate my birthday with friends. I'm contented eating at home with my family. Thank you guys!  ~.~

Also, I would like to thank my Howe, Friends and Teammates for helping me out to complete my Starbucks sticker card. I already got my very First Starbucks Planner in Silver. Thank you ulit!!!


  1. Belated happy birthday Mel! I've also tried the Praline Mocha and it was wonderful :)

  2. Hi Madz,thank you for the greetings! Hugs! ^.^
    Praline Mochafrap is my choice too among Starbucks' Christmas Edition Drinks. Pero pag walang Praline, pede na un Peppermint Mochafrap kahit feeling ko umiinom ako ng! basta ayoko ng toffee nut, I don't like the nutty taste.

  3. belated happy bday! a friend of mine also celebrates her bday on the 9th :D the cake looks delicious! and the diary is nice :D i want one!!!

  4. thanks ema! hugs! ^.^
    You should start collecting Starbucks Stickers. But you know what, Coffee Bean's Planner is much better in terms of the layout same with the Belle de Jour 2011 planner.


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