Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rai Rai Ken at SM Taytay

It was one Saturday morning, we were schedule to visit Nicole at Saint Monique Valais. Unfortunately, we woke up late. It was nearly lunch time when we arrived at Taytay, Rizal; so me and my bf decided to eat lunch first and to buy a chocolate cake for my pamangkin. So we went to SM Taytay. During that time, my bf was craving for ramen, glad we saw Rai Rai Ken, a Japanese Restaurant.

The foods. My bf ordered Chasyu Ramen (Php195). He said that the ramen tasted good, and I agree because he finished the large bowl  all by himself. Chasyu Ramen is one of the best seller based from their menu. It has slices of roast pork, menma and egg in a Soy sauce soup.

I ordered the Rairai Ken Bento (Php285). It has beef, shrimp tempura, chicken lollipops, and deep fried gyoza; serve with miso soup, rice and veggie sidings. What I like with my order are the miso soup, chicken lollipops and shrimp tempura. In my honest opinion, there's nothing special with this bento, this is great if you are really hungry.

Will I visit again Rai Rai Ken resto? Of course I will, they have other great dishes.


  1. I've always wanted to try out Rai Rai Ken but it's just so expensive :(( Need to save up for a meal.

  2. Hi sis, yes it is pricey but their Ramens are worth trying.

  3. There is a Rai Rai Ken branch near our apartment. Mga 2-3 blocks away lang, ayain ko housemates ko to dine there one time. Their food looks too good to pass up on. :)


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