Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Avatar: The Last Airbender

After watching The Last Airbender movie, I was so curious about the series. Why? Because my boyfriend and most of my friends didn't like the movie. They have lots of rants. When I told them that the movie was good, the common answer that I got is "you should watch the cartoon series of Avatar/The Last Airbender". So I got a copy of the series from a friend and started watching it last Monday. And the result.... I'm hook with it! The story is great.. it is more detailed and funny. :)


  1. my nephew who is a an avid fan of the cartoon series is also disappointed with the movie ;(

  2. the series is much much better than the movie.
    thanks for visiting. btw, drop you a comment on your latest post.. you have a cute son. God bless. ;)


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