Monday, August 2, 2010

Teamwork = 1 week Starbucks Coffee

My Team Lead will treat the Cloud Delivery-M3 Apps team for a 1 week Starbucks Coffee.. yippee! The story behind that treat is..last July 29,2010, one of the leads organized a dinner-videoke night for July 30,2010 at Balay ni Juan, Pasig . They observed that not all the members will come to the event. So our PM emailed the team and our team lead replied back if everyone is coming he will treat the team for the whole week at Starbucks. His 3 conditions are:

1. Join the event
2. Drink Beer
3. Sing a song

Because there's TEAMWORK in our team, everyone decided to go to the said event. My team lead was surprised when he saw that all the members were present. I couldn't describe his facial expressions during those times. We even took a few photos for evidence.. ahahahaha! Cruel teammates! Anyhow, the videoke night was a blast! Everyone is laughing, singing, enjoying the mini videoke party and the foods were great. By the way, my team lead sung the song "Malayo pa ang Umaga" theme song of ABS-CBN teleserye Agua Bendita.. ahahaha!

Thanks to TEAMWORK.

Thanks to my Team lead for the treat.. you're so generous! :D

So my dialogue for this whole week is:

"1 Tall Caramel Macchiato, Decaf, please".

Or I might try some other drinks. ;D


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