Thursday, August 12, 2010

Singapore Trip 2010: Brunch at Day 1

My kuya brought me to Singapore's famous food store.. Hawkers at Bukhit Timah. I ordered Pork Char Siuw and Iced Milo. I was surprised with their big servings. And oh my.. it was so delicious! or maybe I'm a bit biased because I love to eat Chinese foods. The food prices at Hawkers are so affordable for a Tourist like me.

Very Affordable + Big Servings = Super OK! ;D

** Pardon for the installment post of my Singapore Trip 2010 photos, I'm so busy at work. I just really want to share with you my adventures.


  1. I hope you post your itinerary too. :) I'm planning our SG trip with friends, it's my first time to travel out of the country with them, I don't know how to manage expectations! :D

  2. hi sis J! I posted my singapore trip itinerary. :)


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