Monday, August 30, 2010

Singapore Trip 2010: Strolling around the City

On my 5th day at Singapore, I went to Bugis to buy some pasalubong stuffs and visit the Bugis Temple to pray. I found a lot of good stuffs at Bugis market and I was able to eat Wall's icecream bar in Ube Flavor while strolling around. The Auntie was friendly during that time. hahaha! After Bugis, me and my kuya went straight to Vivo City to meet my former boss. Before we meet my boss, we ate dinner at Yoshinoya. I ordered Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl and Iced Milo. While my kuya go for Beef Rice Bowl. Singapore's Yoshinoya tasted much much better than our Yoshinoya in Manila. I wonder why?

After our dinner we met my boss. My kuya went home and left his one mobile phone for me. Me and my boss went to Ikea our first stop for that night. Ikea Singapore is big and has lots of stuffs to offer. My eyes were so overwhelmed with all the furniture for small spaces. I got some ideas on how I will design my small house. After Ikea, we went straight to Clark Quay for dinner again. We planned to go for a boat ride but it was late already. We walk around the area. We went to the restaurants beside the river, I saw crabs.. very huge crabs! We went to Fullerton hotel, view the Sea lion, Singapore Flyer, Amphitheater and the great Marina Sands. We stopped by at Coffee bean to rest and enjoyed the view. Below is a summary photo collage of my strolling adventures from Clark Quay to Coffee Bean. Pardon for the pics.. my camera really sucks when taking pictures at night time.

I went back to Manila last July 10, 2010. I super enjoyed my vacation and I was very happy to see my kuya (eldest) again.. we haven't seen each other for 15 years. Thank you so much Kuya Jovy! You're blessed because you're a blessing to others. Our family here in the Philippines loves you. Be safe always! okidoki! ;)

I would also like to thank my former boss.. Ma'am Consuelo for accompanying me on my 5th day at Singapore.. thank you! Thank you!

So that's all my friends! One of my wishes came true.. I already visited Singapore! Yehey!

Thank you Papa Jesus! ^_^


  1. I don't mind Yoshinoya, but I really wanna go to Singapore too. Yay!

    Hi sis! Bloghopping here from GT. Hope you don't mind visiting Pink MagaLine and enter my monthly giveaway. Joining is very easy. Just follow, comment, and win. See ya around? :D

  2. So did you try the famous chili crabs? :)

  3. yumyum, looks like you had fun. gusto ko tuloy bumalik ng Singapore---para bisitahin friends ko :P

  4. @peachkins and angela: thanks for visiting and for the comments.

    @J: nope, I wasn't able to try their famouse chili crabs because i'm allergic to it. =(

    @mrs. kolca: thanks for the invite. I joined your giveaway and followed your blog too. wish i'll win that cute pink alarm clock. =)


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