Monday, November 22, 2010

Gamboa - Uy Wedding

November 20, 2010, it was Jett and Anne's wedding at Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Church. We were late.. haayyyss.. super late. The church venue was so lovely and elegant. I also liked the voices of the choir.. they're really good! The songs are so romantic and touchy even the communion song. When the wedding ceremony ended, they played the song "You make me Shine by Regine Velasquez", it was so sweet, it gave me goosebumps. ^_^

After the church ceremony, we went straight to the reception at La Pavillon at Roxas Blvd. The place is big, I think it can accommodate 500 guests. When we arrived at the reception, we first asked the coordinators what table we were assigned and then we went straight to the photo booth. There were cocktail tables outside the main hall, they served California maki and tuna sushi (not sure if it is tuna) and iced tea.

Inside the main hall, the interior design was so lovely and beautiful including the light effects and sound system. I noticed that they have a stage for the live band and another for the Wedding couple. The band's name if I remember it right is Serenade band. They're very good.. Kudos to them!

We were seated at table 25. It was so very cold, good thing I brought my cardigan. They served first the siomai and garlic mushrooms for appetizers.. yumyum! 

Sorry I forgot to take photos of the main dishes, salad and the soup. But I have a photo of the dessert.. Blueberry cheesecake and I think it's Buko Pandan Cake. The caterer is VS & F, they have mobile kitchen based from their brochure.

They also get the service of Elation - a mobile bar. I loved their shooters especially the Tequila sunrise and Aphrodite.. sarap, swabe!

I also liked their prenup concept,  their theme is McDonalds, ang galing! The photos were so full of love and sweetness, it's like I'm watching a "Love story @ McDonalds" commercial. Lastly, the couple gave Salt and Pepper Shakers as Souvenirs.. it was so cute!

Congratulations and best wishes to Jett and Anne! Thank you for inviting me and Ronin. 
May God bless you both and always stay in love. Ang ganda ng wedding nyo!  ^_^

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