Friday, November 26, 2010

My Christmas Bazaar Experience @ Makati Sports Club

Last November 21, we went to Makati Sports Club  to visit my friends and to explore the bazaar. I didn't eat lunch for that day because I want to try the foods offered at the bazaar. Strolling around, I saw different dishes, most of it are homemade recipes and you can try it for free.  After a few free tasting treats,  I knew what I wanted to eat.. Cheeseburger from Red Wagon. The price is Php100. I was lucky that time because I was the last to order and they gave me 2 burgers for a price of 1. Yippee!

The burgers were freshly cooked. What's best with the burger patties and the buns?  They were all homemade by the owner.

After we bought the burgers, we headed straight to our friends shop at the bazaar. First we stopped at Rachebeli - Tropical wine collection. The photo below is Mia posing with her wine collection. Her wines are organic and Philippine made. I tried the Mango wine and Duhat wine(Black Plum) with chocolates as chaser. I liked the taste of the Black Plum wine, it has a fruity sweet taste so my bf bought me one..hahaha! My bf doesn't like to drink liquors.  By the way, I forgot to say it's very AFFORDABLE and a Great Gift Giveaway for friends and office mates. Rachebeli has a promo:
 Get 2 dozen of Black Plum Wine (a red dessert wine) x 360ml@ that are individually packed and with customized labels where you can have your greetings and logo/photo on. It will also have Edible Gift Tags! (Dark Chocolate Bars with your matching labels).

You can contact Rachebeli through this numbers: 0908-8922410 / 0922-8835565. Or email them at

Next table, Angel's Delight. My friend, Rean, sell homemade brownies, chocolate marbles, crinkles, oatmeal cookies  and choco chip cookies. I used to order the Chocolate Marble , brownies and the oatmeal cookies. yumyum! The photo below is my bf promoting the stuffs.

These also  are Great Gift Giveaway this Christmas. The packaging is Perfect, no need to wrap it with a Christmas gift wrapper.

Angel's Delight contact number is 0929-5310576. Free delivery for minimum order of 2 dozen. She can also do meet ups for small orders.

After visiting my friends' shops, we went outside the main shops (but still within the Makati Sports Club) to eat the burgers. I bought  2 cans of regular coke for Php 60 each. (ang mahal!). The Cheeseburger is so tasty and yummy! After we finished the burgers, we saw this shop, Phil Dog Tags. My bf really wanted to have one so we bought a set for Php500. One set is compose of two tags, 1 with 24 inch chain and the other tag has 7 inch chain.  I added Php75 for another 24 inch chain. These tags are customized, you can write anything you want as long as it fits on their form. You can also choose the design of the rubber, they offer different colors.  I  chose the camouflage pink and white, while my bf chose black.  Lastly, you need to wait for 15 minutes to get your customized dog tags.

a closer look of the dog tags


  1. Parang gusto ko tuloy ng brownies. Nice blog, you look happy in your pictures.

    Btw, I followed your blog. I hope to see more of you. I hope you can also visit my blog if you have time.

  2. you can contact Angel's delight for their brownies sis. masarap sya promise. :) I'll visit you're site and thank you for following. will follow u also. :)

  3. hi, i can't find the follow button on your site. :(


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