Thursday, November 11, 2010


I love Spam! Soon, I'll try to eat at SPAM JAM and will try their SPAM Musubi. ^_^
Has anyone tried SPAM Musubi? Is it yummy?


  1. I've actually tried to comment the other day pa but I the captcha image won't show, must be a problem on my end though. :)

    I love Spam! Even though it's a little bit too salty I want to try this soon, I haven't seen any Spam Jam outlets yet.

  2. @Madz: The only branch I know is at Mall of Asia. Me too will try it soon. :)

  3. blog about it sis if you have tried it already.. it looks cute and good to eat..

  4. @tel: yupyup, I will! ;) drop you comments on your Megamind Movie Post.. inggit ako! I'll watch it too. ^_^

  5. thanks dear.. hope you'll enjoy Megamind ^_^

  6. now ko lang nalaman may food stand that serve Spam :) I love Spam for breakfast :) lalo na thin slices and cooked to a crisp... kaya lang onti lang kinakain ko everytime kasi the salt content is more than that of a bag of microwaved popcorn.


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