Friday, November 19, 2010

Kitchen at Greenbelt 3

A get-together dinner with Cris and MJ at Kitchen. This was a suggestion from Cris and MJ. He affirmed to me that the foods are great and delicious. So we decided to eat at Kitchen, it's my first time. The place is modern and it's a bit dark. The chairs is like the chairs in a carinderia.. long wooden chair. The table is a long table with stainless top? (not sure if it is stainless.. haha!). The servers are very attentive and cheerfully answered my questions regarding their menu.

  MJ's order

Undercover - Php 200

 Cris' Order

The Cooler

The foods are served in a big plate with a big serving of rice. I felt that it was my last supper.. hahaha! I ordered Undercover, it is a chicken fillet wrapped in Pandan leaves. The marinated chicken is yummy and tender. It comes with a sweet chili sauce. Cris ordered a carbonara pasta and MJ ordered for a deep fried fish. Sorry I forgot the names. They both enjoyed their foods.


  1. Wee, mukhang marami nga ang serving. Hindi ba kinulang yung sauce ng carbonara since it looks like half of it is smothered on the fried fish/meat beside it? :)

  2. The cooler looks so good. I want one :)

  3. Whew, ang laki nga nung plate. Super busog. Natatakam tuloy ako sa carbonara :)

  4. @Madz: un sauce sakto lng sya for the pasta. thanks for dropping by. =)
    @hangingbridge and Amelie: Thank you for visiting my blog. =)


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