Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Keys Cantonese Roasts: Tofu Veggie Roll

This is our 2nd time to eat at Keys. You will find their store at SM Mall of Asia's Food court. The first time we ate here, I was disappointed. The food that I ordered was Honey Pork Spareribs. It was too oily and salty. But my BF was satisfied with his order which is Roast Pork Asado.

 Roast Pork Asado - Php135.00

On our 2nd time, I only ordered their Tofu Veggie Roll while my BF had the same order before.. the Roast Pork Asado. A safe choice. The Tofu Veggie Roll is delicious. It's a mix of ground pork, tofu, and veggies. The sauce is a mix of sweet, sour and nutty taste. Overall, I like it. It is only Php 55.00.

Tofu Veggie Roll - Php 55.00

Friday, November 26, 2010

My Christmas Bazaar Experience @ Makati Sports Club

Last November 21, we went to Makati Sports Club  to visit my friends and to explore the bazaar. I didn't eat lunch for that day because I want to try the foods offered at the bazaar. Strolling around, I saw different dishes, most of it are homemade recipes and you can try it for free.  After a few free tasting treats,  I knew what I wanted to eat.. Cheeseburger from Red Wagon. The price is Php100. I was lucky that time because I was the last to order and they gave me 2 burgers for a price of 1. Yippee!

The burgers were freshly cooked. What's best with the burger patties and the buns?  They were all homemade by the owner.

After we bought the burgers, we headed straight to our friends shop at the bazaar. First we stopped at Rachebeli - Tropical wine collection. The photo below is Mia posing with her wine collection. Her wines are organic and Philippine made. I tried the Mango wine and Duhat wine(Black Plum) with chocolates as chaser. I liked the taste of the Black Plum wine, it has a fruity sweet taste so my bf bought me one..hahaha! My bf doesn't like to drink liquors.  By the way, I forgot to say it's very AFFORDABLE and a Great Gift Giveaway for friends and office mates. Rachebeli has a promo:
 Get 2 dozen of Black Plum Wine (a red dessert wine) x 360ml@ that are individually packed and with customized labels where you can have your greetings and logo/photo on. It will also have Edible Gift Tags! (Dark Chocolate Bars with your matching labels).

You can contact Rachebeli through this numbers: 0908-8922410 / 0922-8835565. Or email them at rachebeli_wines@yahoo.com.

Next table, Angel's Delight. My friend, Rean, sell homemade brownies, chocolate marbles, crinkles, oatmeal cookies  and choco chip cookies. I used to order the Chocolate Marble , brownies and the oatmeal cookies. yumyum! The photo below is my bf promoting the stuffs.

These also  are Great Gift Giveaway this Christmas. The packaging is Perfect, no need to wrap it with a Christmas gift wrapper.

Angel's Delight contact number is 0929-5310576. Free delivery for minimum order of 2 dozen. She can also do meet ups for small orders.

After visiting my friends' shops, we went outside the main shops (but still within the Makati Sports Club) to eat the burgers. I bought  2 cans of regular coke for Php 60 each. (ang mahal!). The Cheeseburger is so tasty and yummy! After we finished the burgers, we saw this shop, Phil Dog Tags. My bf really wanted to have one so we bought a set for Php500. One set is compose of two tags, 1 with 24 inch chain and the other tag has 7 inch chain.  I added Php75 for another 24 inch chain. These tags are customized, you can write anything you want as long as it fits on their form. You can also choose the design of the rubber, they offer different colors.  I  chose the camouflage pink and white, while my bf chose black.  Lastly, you need to wait for 15 minutes to get your customized dog tags.

a closer look of the dog tags

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gamboa - Uy Wedding

November 20, 2010, it was Jett and Anne's wedding at Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Church. We were late.. haayyyss.. super late. The church venue was so lovely and elegant. I also liked the voices of the choir.. they're really good! The songs are so romantic and touchy even the communion song. When the wedding ceremony ended, they played the song "You make me Shine by Regine Velasquez", it was so sweet, it gave me goosebumps. ^_^

After the church ceremony, we went straight to the reception at La Pavillon at Roxas Blvd. The place is big, I think it can accommodate 500 guests. When we arrived at the reception, we first asked the coordinators what table we were assigned and then we went straight to the photo booth. There were cocktail tables outside the main hall, they served California maki and tuna sushi (not sure if it is tuna) and iced tea.

Inside the main hall, the interior design was so lovely and beautiful including the light effects and sound system. I noticed that they have a stage for the live band and another for the Wedding couple. The band's name if I remember it right is Serenade band. They're very good.. Kudos to them!

We were seated at table 25. It was so very cold, good thing I brought my cardigan. They served first the siomai and garlic mushrooms for appetizers.. yumyum! 

Sorry I forgot to take photos of the main dishes, salad and the soup. But I have a photo of the dessert.. Blueberry cheesecake and I think it's Buko Pandan Cake. The caterer is VS & F, they have mobile kitchen based from their brochure.

They also get the service of Elation - a mobile bar. I loved their shooters especially the Tequila sunrise and Aphrodite.. sarap, swabe!

I also liked their prenup concept,  their theme is McDonalds, ang galing! The photos were so full of love and sweetness, it's like I'm watching a "Love story @ McDonalds" commercial. Lastly, the couple gave Salt and Pepper Shakers as Souvenirs.. it was so cute!

Congratulations and best wishes to Jett and Anne! Thank you for inviting me and Ronin. 
May God bless you both and always stay in love. Ang ganda ng wedding nyo!  ^_^

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kitchen at Greenbelt 3

A get-together dinner with Cris and MJ at Kitchen. This was a suggestion from Cris and MJ. He affirmed to me that the foods are great and delicious. So we decided to eat at Kitchen, it's my first time. The place is modern and it's a bit dark. The chairs is like the chairs in a carinderia.. long wooden chair. The table is a long table with stainless top? (not sure if it is stainless.. haha!). The servers are very attentive and cheerfully answered my questions regarding their menu.

  MJ's order

Undercover - Php 200

 Cris' Order

The Cooler

The foods are served in a big plate with a big serving of rice. I felt that it was my last supper.. hahaha! I ordered Undercover, it is a chicken fillet wrapped in Pandan leaves. The marinated chicken is yummy and tender. It comes with a sweet chili sauce. Cris ordered a carbonara pasta and MJ ordered for a deep fried fish. Sorry I forgot the names. They both enjoyed their foods.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Beware of Bag Snatchers and Pickpocket Thieves

I would just like to Inform and Warn my dear readers about the Bag Snacthers and Pickpocket thieves. 
Last November 7, 2010, me and my bf  attended the 5:30pm mass at Shrine of Jesus Church near Mall of Asia.When the mass was ended, we decided to stay a bit because there were a lot of people goin' out of the church. When we went out from the first door of the church, my bf felt that someone took his wallet. His first reaction is to look and follow/catch the thief but because of too many people in the church, it was very impossible to spot who it was. We reported the incident to the church's administration and security. They just took our contact numbers. My bf was so shocked and disgusted of what happened. We hurriedly contacted his credit card provider to block it, same with his other ATM accounts. We went to the MOA's Customer Service Admin and Security to report because the parking ticket was also in his wallet. My bf was requested to write an incident report. The MOA's CSAS were very accommodating and waived the parking ticket fee. They also assisted us to go to the nearest Police Station to report the incident and to get a copy of Police report to be used as a requirement for reporting and requisition of the stolen credit cards, ATMs and driver's license. It was a very hassle experience with me and my bf.

Another incident happened yesterday, November 14, 2010, at Jollibee, Harbor Square near PICC. It was my inaanak's 2nd birthday. My friend, who just arrived from Dubai, went there to attend the party. Unfortunately her bag was stolen by three women when Jollibee was dancing to the tune of "Nobody" by wonder girls. My friend told me that she just put back the ballpen to her bag and after 1 minute when she look back, her bag was gone. One of the guests in the party, told us that she saw 3 women  (2 fat and 1 slim) who kept on looking/observing the party. She thought that they could be possible guests who were just late to arrive. My friend's husband quickly run to the 3 women but he never caught them. We tried to contact her phone and sent a sms message to the snatchers to bring back the ids and some important documents. The snatchers replied back that they left the bag at the "Select" store. My friend's husband went to seek a policeman to accompany them to get the bag. They searched every possible gas station that has "Select" store. My friend, Karen, talked to Jollibee's Store Manager if they had previous experience of theft on their store. The store manager answered back that this was there 1st time.  The Jollibee store also has no CCTV camera, so there was no way to identify the thieves.  After a 2 hour search, they didn't get the bag back.  They went to  Malate Police station to file an incident report. Good thing, she left her passport at home. She will go back to Dubai this coming Nov. 26, 2010. The memorable line I heard from my friend was:

"Mel, napanood ko lng ito sa TV, di ko akalain na mangyayari din sa akin. 
Nakakapanghina sobra.Di ko alam gagawin ko." 

She was so shocked while uttering those lines. I knew what she felt that time, it also happened to me last March 2009.

Witnessing those incidents made me feel scared and disgusted. My experienced with Dura-Dura Gang instantly flash back in my mind. I felt very sorry for my bf and my girl friend, I know they worked hard for their money and their valuable stuffs. And at the same time, I'm very thankful to God that both of them were Safe and that's more important.

So to my dear readers, be OBSERVANT, be ALERT and be SAFE at ALL TIMES. Christmas is coming, there will be a lot of bad people roaming around the Metro.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


I love Spam! Soon, I'll try to eat at SPAM JAM and will try their SPAM Musubi. ^_^
Has anyone tried SPAM Musubi? Is it yummy?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Crazy Crepes at Mall of Asia

Me and my Boyfriend was in Mall of Asia to watch a movie. As we were strolling around, I saw this store with a lot of Crepes. 

Because of my curiosity, we tried it out. The place is in the 2nd floor of MOA. It is near the food court along side with Cinnabon. The servers are very cheerful and accommodating. 


We ordered Banana Rocky Road  and Vanilla Mango Crepes.The crepes tasted yummy! The price range is same with Crepes and Cream. The only draw back is.. it's messy to eat. I had a hard time eating my crepe and my boyfriend kept on laughing at me.. he said I was like a kid eating a big ice cream cone.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Teriyaki Boy at Mall of Asia

We had dinner at Teriyaki Boy because my boyfriend wants to eat Ramen. The place is a bit messy because there are a lot of customer at that time. The servers are not that cheerful and accommodating. The service is slow as I expected because there are many customers. 

Chuuka Ramen - Php 170.00

Katsudon Don Buri - Php 160.00

Pork Shogayaki Don - Php 185.00

We ordered Chuuka Ramen, Katsu Don and Pork Shogayaki Don. The foods are great and yummy! We always visit this restaurant whenever my boyfriend craves for Ramen. He loves to eat Ramen.

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